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How to become a professor

How to become a professor? September 15, 2015 3:48 pm  /  1 Comment  /  sven Being a professor is amazing: a lot of academic freedom to investigate and teach very interesting subjects and a considerable and secure salary until retirement. However, the way in which to obtain this position can be pretty hard and more than 90% of all PhD holders find a job *outside* of academia. If you want to become a professor how do you qualify? Do you want this article as a PDF file? Click  here . What qualifications, skills and experiences do I need to become a professor? You will find below a comprehensive list of the most important parameters which determine the  probability whether you will become a professor . All ten parameters play an important role when a professor gets selected by a selection committee. A warning:  These concepts are pretty subjective and derive primarily from experiences in central Europe and may not apply in other parts of the world. These parameters als
The traditional technical efficiency models consider only production and socio-economic parameters. What if socio-cultural factors are involved? Read more